Investment Fiduciary Services

Investment Advisory Services*
  • Investment Policy Statement. Assist the plan in the preparation or review of an investment policy statement (“IPS”) for the Plan based upon consultation with Client.
  • Ongoing Investment Recommendations. Recommend, for consideration and selection by Client, specific investments to be held by the Plan or, in the case of a participant-directed defined contribution plan, to be made available as investment options under the Plan. Recommend, for consideration and selection by Client, investment replacements if an existing investment is determined by the Client to no longer be suitable as an investment option.
  • Ongoing Investment Monitoring. Perform ongoing monitoring of investment options in relation to the criteria provided by the Client
  • Qualified Default Investment Alternative Assistance. Assist Client with selecting investment products or managed accounts offered by third parties in connection with the definition of a “Qualified Default Investment Alternative” (“QDIA”) under ERISA (for plans subject to ERISA).
  • Non-Discretionary Model Portfolios. Recommend, for consideration and approval by Client, (i) asset allocation target-date or risk-based model portfolios for the Plan to make available to Plan participants, and (ii) funds from the line-up of investment options chosen by the Client to include in such model portfolios.
  • Performance Reports. Prepare periodic reports reviewing the performance of all Plan investment options, as well as comparing the performance thereof to benchmarks with Client. The information used to generate the reports will be derived directly from information such as statements provided by Client, investment providers and/or third parties.
  • Participant Education. Assist with participant education, which may include preparation of educational materials and/or conducting investment education seminars and meetings for Plan participants. Such meetings may be on a group or individual basis, and may include information about the investment options under the Plan (e.g., investment objectives, risk/return characteristics, and historical performance), investment concepts (e.g., diversification, asset classes, and risk and return), and how to determine investment time horizons and assess risk tolerance.
  • Plan Search Support/Vendor Analysis. Assist with the preparation, distribution and evaluation of Request for Proposals, finalist interviews, and conversion support.

*Investment fiduciary services under ERISA (to the extent the plan is subject to ERISA)

Consulting Services
  • Service Provider Liaison. Assist the Plan by acting as a liaison between the Plan and service providers, product sponsors and/or vendors. We shall act only in accordance with instructions from the Client on investment or Plan administration matters and shall not exercise judgment or discretion.
  • Education Services to Plan Committee. Provide education, training, and/or guidance for the members of the Plan Committee with regard to plan features, retirement readiness matters, or duties and responsibilities of the Committee, including education with respect to fiduciary responsibilities.
  • Participant Enrollment. Assist Client in enrolling Plan participants in the Plan, including conducting an agreed upon number of enrollment meetings. Provide participants with information about the plan, which may include information on the benefits of Plan participation, the benefits of increasing Plan contributions, the impact of pre-retirement withdrawals on retirement income, the terms of the Plan and the operation of the Plan.
  • RFP/Benchmarking Services. Provide Client with comparisons of Plan data (e.g., regarding fees, services, participant enrollment and contributions) to data from the Plan’s prior years and/or a benchmark group of similar plans.
  • Assistance Identifying Plan Fees. Assist client in identifying the fees and other costs borne by the Plan form investment management, recordkeeping, participant education, participant communication and/or other services provided with respect to the Plan.
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